Enjoy the Kick of High Performance!

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Hands-on-Talent proudly presents:
The Ubuntu Expedition

A unique, intense leadership & team building journey

Out-of-reference setting: Limpopo, South Africa

Leaving a legacy with charity work

Discovering the wildlife of Kruger Park

Who is it for?

Your leadership team is performing well and you would like to bring the team to the next level

Your leadership team is facing a challenge

You have a brand new leadership team that wishes to be up and running as soon as possible

Your leadership team could use a reset for a fresh start

Your team has difficulty to discuss sensitive matters

You would like to grow trust, commitment, accountability and synergy in the team leading to high performance

Your team would like to develop leadership behaviours

What will it bring?


One team feeling: After the Ubuntu Expedition you will fully understand the various personalities, leadership styles and the current team dynamics. With your peers you will decide how you wish to work together and what is needed to achieve your collective ambition that will lead to High Performance. Hands-on-Talent creates a safe environment for the team, in which you can speak freely about your feelings and challenges. Whatever happens in Africa will stay in Africa!

Leadership development: You will work on what you can do differently to even better support the executive team and your own team

Speed: One week investment versus various team & individual sessions over a longer period of time

Momentum: No distractions, together you go deeper and further. Plenty of time to reflect, have 1-on-1 conversations and work in small groups

Life changing: Being in the poorest region of South Africa, 9000 km away from home, working with the people in the townships will make a deep impact and will change your perspective forever

Fulfilment: Meaningful charity work by building a food tunnel with your team, which will provide food for children will give you a warm feeling of fulfilment

Inspiration: The Ubuntu Expedition offers lots of new theories, insights and time to reflect

Excitement: The Ubuntu Expedition is not for the faint hearted: A long, sometimes bumpy (and beautiful) trip to Phalaborwa, bush walks (we could meet a lion) and the guts to be vulnerable in your team

Relaxation: Work hard, Play hard: You sleep in your own rondavel, have plenty of time to balance your energy, to read, meditate, discover the region, go on safaris and enjoy the company of your peers

Why Ubuntu?

Ubuntu meaning: I am because we are

Ubuntu philosophy: Humanity towards others. Humanity is a quality we owe to each other

Ubuntu ambassadors: Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu

What can you observe in South Africa: There is sincere warmth with which people treat both strangers and members of the community. This explicite display of warmth is not merely aesthetic but enables formation of spontaneous communities

The Hands-on-Talent philosophy: Enjoy the kick of High Performance: Carefully balancing humanity and output, making sure people stay fully engaged in teamwork while together performing at their very best



Every Ubuntu Expedition will be tailored to meet your specific objectives. Upfront we will analyse the FROM (Current behaviours) and the TO: (Desired behaviours) and offer a detailed Ubuntu Expedition proposal.

EXAMPLE Ubuntu Expedition:

Pre-work: Individual executive coaching session for all participants (to analyse individual needs and to prepare for team discussions). Personality, Leadership, Team effectiveness questionnaires.

Friday / Saturday: Travels to South Africa (Panorama route by car or fly from Johannesburg to Phalaborwa)

Sunday: Team session on Personalities (to understand the diversity and dynamics of teamwork) / Safari in Kruger Park

Monday: Visiting Bambanani schools and townships / Team challenge: Building a food tunnel

Tuesday: High Performance Team session (Collective Teamwork Ambition and how to achieve)

Wednesday: Individual executive coaching sessions / River Lodge in Kruger Park / Evening BBQ

Thursday: Bush walk / Team session on Leadership

Friday / Saturday: Travels back home

After care: Continue individual executive coaching sessions & The Ubuntu Refresher



Focus on education, infrastructure, food- and water programs

Supporting 4.250 children in 84 Early Learning Centers in the Phalaborwa area

Supporting people with a disability

Goal is to support schools to become self sufficient (now 47 out of 84)

More information at www.facebook.com/vrienden.bambanani or visit the website Bambanani.org

The making of ....
The Ubuntu Expedition

In cooperation with Carla Rietbergen (peer coach) & Ed Rakhorst (Bambanani project manager & travel agent)

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