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Do you have the feeling that you could perform even better than you do today? Do you wish to develop your leadership skills? Do you wish to experience more satisfaction in your work? Are you seeking a healthier work / life balance? Do you wish to increase your impact? Would you like to boost your career?

Hands-on-Talent coaches result oriented leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals.


With executive coaching you will discover what is driving you as a leader and as a person. You will take control and feel empowered. You will feel anything is possible. You will learn to cope with barriers and destructive beliefs. Full of confidence you will be able to make the right choices for you. You will be able to boost your personal growth, experience satisfaction in what you do and get results which will exceed your expectations (= experience the kick of High Performance).

"The greatest discovery of our generation is that man possesses the ability to change his life by his mental attitude to change" William James

Olaf Sleutjes - Managing Director Redumax: "(...) During our coaching journey Marianne’s integrity, passion and talents helped me to find, to consolidate and to optimise my personal balance and space".


Rian Wijdeveld - HR manager Bakkersland: "(...) Marianne was both a fantastic listener and a tough challenger to me. I gained a lot of insights on my talents (...) ".  


I am convinced that people possess all the talents they need to succeed. I support you to grasp these talents and develop them (= Hands-on-Talent). My way of asking questions is sometimes confrontational, always respectful and result oriented. The atmosphere during the coaching sessions is safe and relaxed. Even laughter is welcome! For more understanding of your personality traits and/or your leadership compentencies we will work with the psychometric tools Lumina Spark and /or Lumina Leader. Hands-on-Talent respects the The EMCC Global Code of Ethics. Executive coaching consists of an exploring intake session and a variable number of coaching sessions. 


Face-to-face or via Teams / Skype 

 Coaching can be delivered in Dutch or English

I am looking forward to discussing your challenges with you. Discover how I can support you. Please send an email to marianne.heijneman@hands-on-talent.com and I will contact you as soon as possible. Take care!

Marianne Heijneman

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